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Some of  the Services
We Can Provide........


Detailed, Accurate and Comprehensive.
Extensive site field work, coupled with detailed, yet easy to
read plans, make getting your Septic Permit a simple process.
Our goal is to design a system that meets all of today's
requirements and best suits it's proposed usage. Keeping an
eye on budget, we want to design a system that will last a long
time and add value to the property, not detract from it.  Our
designer is also a Licensed Septic Installer with many years of
field experience. He has first hand knowledge of what works
and what doesn't.


Test Pit is required to allow us to determine whether
an existing
Failed Septic System is able to be replaced
In Kind", or if the system will need to be re-designed
and brought up to today's standards. In either case, you
will have the right answer, on-site that day, within a
couple of hours time.


Pursuant to NH State Statute RSA 485-A:39,
executing a Purchase and Sales Agreement, any developed
property within 200' of a body of water greater than 10
acres, must have a  
Site Assessment  performed.
Knowing first hand the time constraints Buyers, Sellers and
Realtors are commonly faced with, we strive to complete
these Assessments and have them delivered to your hand in
just a few days !


Our staff Certified Wetland Scientist is also an Apprentice
Soil Scientist, who performs Wetland Delineations
consistent with the
1987 Army Corp of Engineers Wetland
Delineation Manual. These delineations identify the
boundaries of wetlands so that land owners and potential
buyers, can determine to what extent a property can be
utilized, thus  maximizing the property's highest and best


We are capable of preparing highly accurate Topographic
Maps and Locations, using state of the art
Leica  Total
Stations. We are available for sub-contract Field Work
including Soil Test Pitting Data, for Environmental, Civil
and Design Engineering firms, as time allows.